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O'Ryan Geospatial > Engineering

The surveyors at O’Ryan Geospatial combine many years of experience with the latest technology and the best field practices to deliver the highest quality outcomes for some of the most challenging engineering and construction projects.

Our engineering and construction surveying services deliver certainty and efficiency to the construction process. Some of the services O’Ryan’s can supply to the engineering and construction industry include:

  • Set-out surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • As-Built surveys
  • UAV surveys
  • Road construction
  • Volumetric surveys

The O’Ryan’s team specialise in handling all aspects of spatial data, spatial design, analysis, compilation, management and special data maintenance. From in field data collection, utilising the latest surveying technology capable of incorporating spatial and attribute information at the time of the survey, through to quality control and analysis, and spatial data output. The O’Ryan team will empower individuals with the ability to better manage recourses on your next project.

Large scale projects call for many different services to collaborate effectively. The O’Ryan’s team is extremely experienced with working together with other businesses to help provide their service in order to deliver a complete, professional product. The O’Ryan’s team are there from start to finish, ensuring all legal requirements of a job are met, so you can be rest assured that the O’Ryan’s team have your back.